Top Class, Finnish School Leadership and Management

Kirjailija: Ari Pokka

Kustantaja: Cultural Cooperative Vehrä & Boocover Publishing Ltd.

Sivumäärä: 176


Top Class – a book about leadership and management of Finnish scool. How a school is lead to excellent results.


Top Class – How to Manage a Finnish School unlocks the story of life as a school principal in the globally high performance Finnish education. The excellent Finnish education system made world famous by PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) is not based on fierce competition but the competent teachers and outstanding teacher’s kits. The story of Finnish education is a story about growth, development and wellbeing of children and young people. Finnish teachers are regarded as exceptionally competent professionals who teach efficiently and never forget the goals of education. Trust and low hierarchy are the strengths of Finnish school as well as competent teachers and a high-grade pedagogical leadership. The Finnish school respects and supports children and young people in the best possible way since everyone at school is highly committed and see their work as a national duty. The Finnish educational policy promotes harmony and excellent cooperation between schools, educational authorities and administrators. Developing the school as an ecosystem has been a key success enabler in the Finnish education. This involves placing the student at the heart of the operation governed by a set of complementary processes that create energy and maintain balance. The role of the principal is key to enabling how this ecosystem enables students and teachers to live and work on a daily basis. The health of the ecosystem is fundamental for students to achieve the highest possible academic standards, alongside enhanced personal wellbeing. This personal and practical book is for aspiring and experienced educators. Through these pages we can look closely at how the Finnish educational successes are achieved in practice, and consider adapting ideas to enable schools in other countries to become even more successful. This book tells you how the Finnish school works.

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