Porsche in Finland – 70 years of sports cars and 50 years of Porsche Club Finland

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THE story of Porsche in Finland began over 70 years ago, in the early years of the brand, and unfolded on the roads and frozen lakes of one of Europe’s northernmost countries. Even though the Porsche brand represents only a small minority of cars in Finland, the stunning variety of activities and entertainment for which bold Finns have lined up in their Porsches through seven decades makes for a fascinating saga.


Porsches have been raced by over 500 Finns on tarmac, gravel, and ice – in track racing series, rallies, sprint distance races, hillclimbs, drag racing, and, of course, ice track racing. All known drivers, venues, and cars are listed in this book. In addition to exhaustive statistics of events, there are plenty of legendary accounts of the Eläintarha races formerly held on the streets of Helsinki, about the one and only Finnish racing team AAW, and the outsized number of Finnish driving aces with global renown.

Porsche Club Finland (PCF), established in 1971, brought likeminded Porsche owners and enthusiasts together. Many vivid, sometimes experimental, activities of the club are recorded in this book. With about 2,000 members presently, the club has been synonymous with active Porsche ownership, staying true to the history and inspiration of the brand.

Porsche Racing Club Finland (PCRF), a carefully nurtured offspring of Porsche Club Finland, was developed during the 2000s as a track day concept to provide a racing platform for club members who felt the need for speed. Providing a racing ladder available to all interested club members, PCRF’s systematic approach has produced significant racing talent in Finland and around the world.

The brand, the clubs, the events, the cars: the fifth element has been the people. From the earnest founders of PCF to enthusiastic volunteers at races, from longtime board members to unforgettable characters, have all been to the story of what we today know as Porsche in Finland. That is what this book is about.

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